My friend Pepper will do just
about anything I ask her to do.
I asked if she’d help
me with a magic trick.
What do you want me to do ACorn?
Pepper if you get in the box I
can make you disappear.

Can I wear my hat?
Yes you can wear your hat.
ACorn is this going to hurt?
No Pepper I promise. It won’t hurt.
Just lay down.
I’m going to close the box, say the magic word
and you’ll disappear.
Where will I go?
I don’t know but it won’t hurt.
Abracadabra !
Pepper you in there?
See I knew I could make
her disappear!
Now can I get her back??????
Please let me get her back.
Abracadabra !
Oh no! Where is she?????
Thank goodness!
I was a little scared for a minute.
Pepper let me help you out.
ACorn you were right it didn’t hurt.
Thank you so much Pepper for
your assistance in my magic trick.
We make a great team!