My friend Pepper will do just
about anything I ask her to do.
I asked if she’d help
me with a magic trick.
What do you want me to do ACorn?
Pepper if you get in the box I
can make you disappear.

Can I wear my hat?
Yes you can wear your hat.
ACorn is this going to hurt?
No Pepper I promise. It won’t hurt.
Just lay down.
I’m going to close the box, say the magic word
and you’ll disappear.
Where will I go?
I don’t know but it won’t hurt.
Abracadabra !
Pepper you in there?
See I knew I could make
her disappear!
Now can I get her back??????
Please let me get her back.
Abracadabra !
Oh no! Where is she?????
Thank goodness!
I was a little scared for a minute.
Pepper let me help you out.
ACorn you were right it didn’t hurt.
Thank you so much Pepper for
your assistance in my magic trick.
We make a great team!

4 thoughts on “Magic

  1. Acorn….the great Houdini of squirrel!! An amazing magic box….how exciting. Now then…where exactly DID Pepper go when she vanished? And why was ACorn worried about Pepper reappearing?? Was there some doubt??? By the way Pepper makes a great Magicians Assistant!

    Liked by 1 person

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