Lynn Drive-In Theater

We went for a drive on a sunny day.
We drove by the Lynn Drive-In Theater.
It is in Strasburg Ohio not far from where we live.
My person took some pictures.
The Lynn is the oldest drive-in theater in Ohio.
I guess on Sundays it has a Flea Market.
The theater has two big screens so you can chose
what double feature you want to see.
We didn’t go to the movies just drove by.
My person said when she was young
she baby-sat for the owners children.

She baby-sat at the movies so she got to see them for free.

2 thoughts on “Lynn Drive-In Theater

  1. ahhh a trip down memory lane…drive in theaters!! I remember we used to go to a very small rural one where the speaker (THE speaker) was mounted on a pole in the middle of the parking lot!! Good times! You should take the little ones back to see a movie!

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