Rupert the Frog

Meet Rupert the frog.
He’s new on Donahey.

Here is Rupert with his net.
He’s such a funny little frog.
Rupert saw this picture in my book.
He thinks he can catch a moth or butterfly.
I tried to tell him they aren’t real.
He says he saw one of them flying towards the flowers.
I told him to sit down and rest awhile on the rock.
He did sit down.
He’s up again.
He didn’t rest for long.
I feel sorry for him since I know he
isn’t going to catch dinner tonight with his net.
Rupert said he’d stand guard all night if he has to.
Looks like that’s just what he’s going to do.
I guess I’ll bring him a bug to eat when he catches nothing.

4 thoughts on “Rupert the Frog

  1. I arrived with the name Rupert. My carver named me as she was carving me. My new person liked the name and said it was mine to claim. Thank you for liking it.


  2. Poor Rupert thinking he can catch a bug in that print! But oh my he is a cutie and I love the name. Rupert you have come to a great home where lots of exciting things happen every day!! Good luck with the bugs!

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  3. He does think he might want to stay at his new home. He has made lots of friends today . The friends got together and helped him catch some insects for his dinner.


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