Sad Pepper

I’m very sad .
This morning I broke my necklace.
ACorn and I gathered up the beads putting them in a little cup.
We then counted them.
Some of the beads have been lost.
There are not enough to restring my necklace.
I told Pepper not to worry.
I would make her another one.
It couldn’t be made with the beads.
I had some silver chain that would work
just fine as a new necklace.
I put it around Pepper’s neck.
Snapped the clasp for her.
Told her how nice it looks.
Pepper what do you think ?
I like it ACorn thank you for making me a new one.

4 thoughts on “Sad Pepper

  1. It is a pretty new necklace, Pepper. Perhaps save the remaining beads – the rest may show up or your person may incorporate them into some embroidery or crochet thing? By the way – what a cute tiny pair of crochet combinations.

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    1. My person crawled around on the floor and found a couple more beads. She restrung them. The necklace is smaller than it was but it still fits. Thank you for the different ideas on how the beads could have been used.


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