A found unfinished quilt.

I had been in my attic.
Coming across an unfinished quilt
I brought it downstairs.
I invited two of the Hitty’s and
Pepper over to look at it.
Pepper is so tiny.
Books had to be stacked
in order for her to climb up and see the quilt.
I watched as they looked the quilt over.
They’re sure looking at it closely.
The Hitty’s think it might be worth quilting.
The quilt top is finished,
it has batting and a backing ready to go.
Just needs quilted.
Pepper had a new dress knit for her that morning.
She wanted us to see it.
Needing help taking off her sweater one of
the Hitty’s went over to assist her.
Hitty went back to looking the quilt over.
Pepper stood on her stack of books
modeling her dress.
We’ll see what happens to the quilt.

3 thoughts on “A found unfinished quilt.

  1. Ahhhh Pepper is such a tiny fashionista! Love her new yellow dress and that white sweater! I agree with the HIttys that the little quilt needs to be completed. wonder what else is in ACorn’s attic?!

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