Quilt Work

All the critters gathered at my house this
morning so they could see the quilt.
We were all asked to move to the stairs
as the sisters started working.
The Hitty sisters removed the thick
quilt batting. It will be a
much better quilt without the thick bat.
The quilt frame was put back together.
The sisters along with Pepper are
deciding how to quilt it.
We all came down to offer our opinion .
The sisters said they needed to get
needles and thread before
quilting could begin. We all
brought our favorite thread color to help them.
We were told not to worry they
would get what they needed to do the work.

5 thoughts on “Quilt Work

  1. So much help and advice! The sisters are showing great patience and kindness to their wee audience. Love seeing the whole “family” gathered to offer opinions.

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  2. In addition my Hittys are hoping that I will be watching closely and learning some quilting tips….(they are ever hopeful that i will improve with time)

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