Pirate Play

I wanted to play pirate with ACorn.
My person said she would make me a hat
a vest and some pirate pants. She only had time to
make me a vest and hat. Quickly she whipped up a dress
for play today. She promised to finish the pants another day.
ACorn has an eye patch but I don’t want one.
We removed our hats so we could see better.
Buddy decided he would watch our play from his bed.
A treasure chest !
We could hardly wait to see what wonders it held.
Oh my goodness !
Look at all the sparkling jewels and pearls.
So many pearls. I can wrap myself in them.
ACorn was more interested in playing with the boats.
I brought out the cannon to show Pepper.
I told her how it was used to shoot at other ships and steal their treasures.
I don’t think she cared.
It was time to walk the plank.
We didn’t have a plank to walk.
I pulled the teeter totter out .
We practiced walking the plank on it.
ACorn thought walking the plank was fun.
I think it was fun for him because I was the one walking it.
It’s his turn now.
We learned the hard way that it’s best
to use the teeter totter for what it was meant for.
The gang is coming downstairs to join us .
Maybe we’ll play pirate again when I get a real outfit to wear.

3 thoughts on “Pirate Play

  1. The plank walking made me laugh out loud!! Pepper does make a rather fetching pirate. So nice that ACorn has someone to play with. Love her hat and of course the dress…another dress!!!


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