A Little Wooden Horse

Pepper glanced over at ACorn in surprise as she came down the stairs.
He was on a horse in the house.
Is that thing real?
No it’s just a wooden horse for a wooden squirrel.
It’s a pretty nice wooden horse ACorn.
I think he needs a saddle blanket even if he doesn’t have a saddle.
Thank’s Pepper.
Let me help you.
It looks nice.
A little big for him but it’s nice to have for riding.

5 thoughts on “A Little Wooden Horse

  1. A horse?? Of course!! Well I am smiling over this posting. I see that Pepper might be wearing yet another new frock? And the “horse blanket” does look like it makes a comfy saddle for ACorn. What will those two come up with next?

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    1. We will have to come up with a suitable name for the horse. Pepper is wearing a new frock. I think her person is obsessed with making them at this time.


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