Looking For Bees

Bees have been late arriving in our yard.
Pepper and I went out to see if we could find any today.
We found two in the clover.
He seems friendly enough.
Every time Pepper got close the bee flew off.
I told her to stop looking. She was never going to get close
enough to be in the picture with a bee.
We did find a yellow flower blooming.
The deer hadn’t eaten this one yet.
ACorn climbed up a lamb’s ear while I watched.
The plant does feel soft like a lambs ear.
Climbing around on the rusted garden art
was not easy for me in a dress.
We found a birdbath that had no water in it.
It’s very hot out . Having water in the birdbath
would make a good swimming pool for us.
Maybe next time we could go swimming.
We are going back inside the house where it’s cool.