Looking For Bees

Bees have been late arriving in our yard.
Pepper and I went out to see if we could find any today.
We found two in the clover.
He seems friendly enough.
Every time Pepper got close the bee flew off.
I told her to stop looking. She was never going to get close
enough to be in the picture with a bee.
We did find a yellow flower blooming.
The deer hadn’t eaten this one yet.
ACorn climbed up a lamb’s ear while I watched.
The plant does feel soft like a lambs ear.
Climbing around on the rusted garden art
was not easy for me in a dress.
We found a birdbath that had no water in it.
It’s very hot out . Having water in the birdbath
would make a good swimming pool for us.
Maybe next time we could go swimming.
We are going back inside the house where it’s cool.

3 thoughts on “Looking For Bees

  1. Fun to see the dynamic duo outside. We have bees here, they are in the honey suckle. Always happy to see them and know they are doing okay. I like your yard art!! Hot here in Mo and sounds like Pepper and ACorn are okay with being inside where it is cool!

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  2. It is very hot here that’s why we wanted to go in and cool off. We are happy to see the bees come out also. We just watch them so we won’t step on one.


  3. Someone said my “lawn” looked more like a Bee Sanctuary because of the clover…I was pleased with that description! And I sympathise with the deer issue! I think the rust-coloured dress is perfect for exploring and climbing…and glad the littles are having fun even in the heat.


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