Rupert the Frog

Meet Rupert the frog.
He’s new on Donahey.

Here is Rupert with his net.
He’s such a funny little frog.
Rupert saw this picture in my book.
He thinks he can catch a moth or butterfly.
I tried to tell him they aren’t real.
He says he saw one of them flying towards the flowers.
I told him to sit down and rest awhile on the rock.
He did sit down.
He’s up again.
He didn’t rest for long.
I feel sorry for him since I know he
isn’t going to catch dinner tonight with his net.
Rupert said he’d stand guard all night if he has to.
Looks like that’s just what he’s going to do.
I guess I’ll bring him a bug to eat when he catches nothing.

Flower ATC Dilemma

My person is so funny.
She has to make one ATC (artist trading card)
for a swap with a friend.
She couldn’t decide if she liked the one she made.
She has now made five and still can’t decide if any of them are good enough to swap.

This is the first card.
I told her I would help her pick one for the swap.
The second card
The third card
The fourth card and……………………..
the fifth card.
I’m still helping her decide.

Lynn Drive-In Theater

We went for a drive on a sunny day.
We drove by the Lynn Drive-In Theater.
It is in Strasburg Ohio not far from where we live.
My person took some pictures.
The Lynn is the oldest drive-in theater in Ohio.
I guess on Sundays it has a Flea Market.
The theater has two big screens so you can chose
what double feature you want to see.
We didn’t go to the movies just drove by.
My person said when she was young
she baby-sat for the owners children.

She baby-sat at the movies so she got to see them for free.


My friend Pepper will do just
about anything I ask her to do.
I asked if she’d help
me with a magic trick.
What do you want me to do ACorn?
Pepper if you get in the box I
can make you disappear.

Can I wear my hat?
Yes you can wear your hat.
ACorn is this going to hurt?
No Pepper I promise. It won’t hurt.
Just lay down.
I’m going to close the box, say the magic word
and you’ll disappear.
Where will I go?
I don’t know but it won’t hurt.
Abracadabra !
Pepper you in there?
See I knew I could make
her disappear!
Now can I get her back??????
Please let me get her back.
Abracadabra !
Oh no! Where is she?????
Thank goodness!
I was a little scared for a minute.
Pepper let me help you out.
ACorn you were right it didn’t hurt.
Thank you so much Pepper for
your assistance in my magic trick.
We make a great team!

The Fox and The Squirrel

I wanted to be a fox today.
My person knit me a dress, a tail and a hat with ears.
It works just fine making me into a fox
ACorn said lets go for a ride.
So I the fox and he the squirrel
picked our spot on the dashboard ready for the ride.
ACorn said laying on our belly is the best way to go.
I’m a girl in a dress I didn’t agree.
We rode sitting up the rest of the trip.
As you can see it has started to rain....and
rain some more.
By the time we got to where we were going the
rain was coming down by the buckets full.
It wasn’t letting up.
We didn’t get out of the car.
Let our silly humans get out and get wet
That’s just what they did too.
Well ACorn and I had a lot
to talk about anyway.
It was a fun outing.
Going home the rain let up.
Of course it did.

A Visit to ACorn

The Little Wooden Girl put
on her everyday dress and came
to visit me.
I was so happy she came over.
I showed her all my books.
She can borrow them whenever she wants to.
We sat at the table with Slowee the turtle.
She seemed to like him.
Then off we went to play with Prickles the Hedgehog.

An Everyday Dress

The little wooden girl arrived in
her best lacy dress.
Not a good dress for playing.
Her person decided she needed an
everyday dress.
Fabrics were laid out so she could choose one for a dress.
She picked the pink checked fabric.
Out came the scissors ,thread and needle.
Lace was added in for a collar.
The dress was soon finished.
A try on.
It fits!
The lacy dress will be put away for special occasions.
The everyday day dress will be worn

until another everyday dress is made.

A Little Wooden Girl

A new little girl moved into our neighborhood.
We all went over to welcome her.
Bunny spotted the mirror .
He spent his time looking at himself.
I saw she had portraits hanging on her wall.
I gifted her with one of me .
She seemed happy to receive it.
Later on she and I went for a ride .
I wanted to show her my town.
She seemed to enjoy the ride.
We haven’t learned her name yet.
We can’t understand what she is telling us.
She is learning to speak English then we will
know who she is. For now she is being called
the little girl by all of us.

Laying Around

Prickles came over to see if I was doing anything exciting.
Buddy and I are just laying around studying the planting guide.
It wasn’t long before all the
little wooden’s started showing up.
Bunny brought his wagon in hopes we’ll go out and play.
Puss N Boots dropped in.
I told the gang about me trying to
play checkers the other day.
The checkers were so big I could hardly move them.
We talked about the huge, giant Teepee I got to go in
The train I saw that was a toy.
Then I told them about the old blue pick-up
truck. Each of them told me how much
fun it would be to own a truck like that.
Since I don’t own it I said lets go out and ride in the wagon.