Painted Furniture

My person is helping me paint my furniture.
My bed is pink.
I’m looking forward to getting a mattress .
Then a couple of new pillows.
My table and chair have been painted a light green.
My end table will be the next piece to get painted.
It doesn’t look like it in this picture
my little end table has a blue top and bottom.
We still have to paint the sides and the door.


The lamp house is rather small.
It is the right size for me.
I’m busy moving in.
I only have a few pieces in my home.
A bed, cupboard, comfortable chair.
I also have a small table and a kitchen chair.
My person made a tablecloth for my table.
She is going to make a mattress for my bed and a cover.
We can’t decide if we want to paint the furniture or not.
We will see how it looks after I am moved in.

Santa’s Summer Visit

I put on my Christmas sweater in July.
Santa is coming to Miller’s Creamery.
It’s an ice cream shop.
Santa comes every July
with his book of lists to check
if you’re being naughty or nice. If you are on the nice list you get free ice cream.
I hope I’m on the nice list.
Santa’s arrived.
He’s wearing his Hawaiian Santa shirt.
He said Mrs Claus bought it for him.
Here we are with Santa and his helper.
The youngest human is holding me so I can
have my picture taken with Santa.
Santa wanted to know if I was a chipmunk or a squirrel.
You can see me in his hands.
Santa opened his book of lists.
He saw that the two youngest humans
and myself were all on the nice list.
We all got ice cream.
It was good.

Lawn Mowing

It was time to mow the lawn. Out came the John Deere.
I climbed on the steering wheel to check it out.
I was told to check the oil first.
I’m checking.
What do I do about it?
The oil is fine.
I hopped up on the seat ready to go.
The human said no that’s not where you can ride.
I’m up front navigating.
Off we go.
If I fall off this thing I’ll be nothing
but splinters if the mower gets me.
Boy this thing is loud.
It’s a big yard.
Most of the time I was just plain scared.
Going up and down those hills could scare anyone.
It took awhile but we got it done.
We’re finished until the next mowing is needed.

Day Off

I took a day off today. Just as I headed out the rain fell.
I had a destination in mind and I wouldn’t be out in the rain anyway.
The countryside though wet was still beautiful.
We arrived at our destination.
Isn’t that just like my person. She tells me I have to stay in the car.
Yup just go ahead and leave me behind. Snap your picture outside the car.
I don’t even care. Hope you get really wet.
What kind of day out was this.

New Home.. Moving In

Worn out critters are taking a break from setting up the living room.
Kitchen is lacking a few basic items at this time.
Pepper is making sure she’ll be able to reach the stove to cook.
Prickles with Kit’s help are making sure the staircase was set up correctly.
So much more to get done in the house before it’s really comfortable.

ACorn and Friends new home

I found a new home that all of us can live in.
The home has a large tree on one side.
Pepper, Buddy, the cat and I are looking at the house today.
I can’t believe the cat can already find mischief to get into.
Kitty don’t fall !
Kitty came off the ledge now he’s at the window.
Maybe after we get moved in he will settle down.

A Cat finds Pepper

He followed me home.
He really did.
No, you can’t climb on my dress.
Oh please get down off the table.
You are heavy and almost as big as me.
I can’t carry you.
I’ll ride you in the buggy.
Where did he go?
I’m hiding maybe she won’t find me.
Come on out.
Kitty, kitty.
I’ll give you some food if you do.
Pepper may have her hands full with this cat.