Hungry Hungry Caterpillars

We found the caterpillars on the milkweed plant today.
Lots of munching was going on.
We are going to have some butterflies.
My person’s camera couldn’t focus on
the caterpillar and me at the same time.
The milkweed plant is grown for these worms.
The doe followed us around the yard.
She wanted her corn.
She’s getting fed now.

4 thoughts on “Hungry Hungry Caterpillars

  1. How wonderful that you have Monarch caterpillars! The small town near me has a Monarch Society group. They actively search for these and when they form the cocoons they will rescue them so that the butterflies can mature safely and be released. All around town there are gardens planted with special plaques stating they are Monarch Gardens. No spraying of chemicals!!

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