ACorn and Friends new home

I found a new home that all of us can live in.
The home has a large tree on one side.
Pepper, Buddy, the cat and I are looking at the house today.
I can’t believe the cat can already find mischief to get into.
Kitty don’t fall !
Kitty came off the ledge now he’s at the window.
Maybe after we get moved in he will settle down.

6 thoughts on “ACorn and Friends new home

  1. If Kitty finds her way to the roof we might have to climb the tree to rescue her. I hope she doesn’t find her way it might be scary for one of us to climb up to get her down..


  2. I love the photo of the little ones at the window and Kitty on the upstairs window sill is perfect!! Cats do love high places. This new home is going to be spectacular!

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