Santa’s Summer Visit

I put on my Christmas sweater in July.
Santa is coming to Miller’s Creamery.
It’s an ice cream shop.
Santa comes every July
with his book of lists to check
if you’re being naughty or nice. If you are on the nice list you get free ice cream.
I hope I’m on the nice list.
Santa’s arrived.
He’s wearing his Hawaiian Santa shirt.
He said Mrs Claus bought it for him.
Here we are with Santa and his helper.
The youngest human is holding me so I can
have my picture taken with Santa.
Santa wanted to know if I was a chipmunk or a squirrel.
You can see me in his hands.
Santa opened his book of lists.
He saw that the two youngest humans
and myself were all on the nice list.
We all got ice cream.
It was good.

2 thoughts on “Santa’s Summer Visit

  1. Fun to see the young humans with you ACorn. And that Santa!!! In his Hawaiian shirt! I am very happy you were on the nice list. The ice cream looked yummy. Great outing!!

    Liked by 1 person

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