Owl at the Ocean

My person said I should make my own card.
Her card is 2 1/2″ x 3 1/2″.
My card is 1 1/2 ” x 1 1/2″.
I used my chalk colors to make my background.
A piece of folded fabric is a post
for my owl to sit on.
I wanted something that looks like a fishing net.
This will work just fine.
Now where do I want to put it???
Got my piece of fishing net in the corner of my picture.
Now to get my shells on my piece.
It’s finished. I can’t wait to show ACorn.
He’s going to love it.
I call it… Owl at the Ocean.

Helping with an ATC (artist trading card)

I’m helping my person make another ATC card.
I like helping her with these.
I get to play with the chalks and make an ocean .
This is what she is working on with her ocean card.
It’s my job to find tiny shells to use on our cards.
The colors and sizes of these shells will probably work.
We still have a lot more to do on our cards.
I have some ideas of how I want mine to look.
Will show my card when I’m done with it.

Rupert’s visit.

While Pepper was visiting ACorn, Ribbit dropped in.
That’s a pretty cool lantern you have ACorn.
You can hold it Ribbit.
How about this wheelbarrow isn’t it neat.
Ribbit , maybe I could give you a ride .
ACorn I think I’m a bit to big for a ride in it.
Pepper brought over the little rubber duck.
Here ACorn the duck fits. Give him a ride.
Just a minute ACorn let me light the way said Ribbit .
They all headed off following ACorn and his wheelbarrow.

Gifts for ACorn

ACorn is always working outside.
This morning I gifted him with a wheelbarrow his size .
Thanks Pepper this is going be so handy.
I do have a bit of gardening to do.
Here is a light for those lantern tours you go on ACorn.
I will be taking this with me on my next night tour.

Hungry Hungry Caterpillars

We found the caterpillars on the milkweed plant today.
Lots of munching was going on.
We are going to have some butterflies.
My person’s camera couldn’t focus on
the caterpillar and me at the same time.
The milkweed plant is grown for these worms.
The doe followed us around the yard.
She wanted her corn.
She’s getting fed now.

Flowers at night

Looking at flowers in my yard in the dark.
Liatris also known as Blazingstars or Gayfeathers are blooming. Lots of them.
I like to call them blazingstars.
Queen Ann’s Lace it shows up really good in the dark.
I know it’s a weed but it’s pretty.
Milk weed buds and flowers.
We grow it for the Monarch Butterflies.
Bright Red Petunias really stand out.
Rose of Sharon has closed up tight .
My little coral bells. They are flowers that fit my size.
Last flowers of the night.
Bee Balm for the Bees.

Playing Inside

I was playing on the stairs with my bear Teddy.
Pepper come down and see what I’m doing, said ACorn.
I picked up Teddy as I walked over to what he had planned.
Pepper I want to get the magic 8 ball down and ask it questions.
Here sit Teddy on the chair .
I want Teddy with me.
Go ahead Pepper ask it a question.
I didn’t want to play magic 8 ball.
I wanted to play dolls.
I sat Teddy and Raggedy Ann in the swing.
I felt bad for ACorn.
I didn’t want him to have to play alone.
Dolls could be played with later.
I went over to ACorn to play what he wanted to play.

Picnic Time

ACorn , Buddy and I are having a picnic in the Fairy garden.
Hotdogs, cherry pie, pop and cupcakes.
I was in charge of the grill. Pepper set the table.
Looks like we are almost ready to eat.
Even Buddy gets his own hotdog.
I brought along Raggedy Ann.
She’s going for a ride in the wagon.
ACorn and I are going to have a campfire and roast marshmallows later.