Birch Tree

I was out riding around with my person.
Still wearing my bow tie.
I can’t help it I like my bow tie.
We took a short cut that we usually don’t take and spotted this downed birch tree.
I went over and investigated.
Buried in the roots of the tree was all this glass.
I found a few very dirty pieces that I dug out and saved.
I found this old rusty wire coil.
I saved it and brought it home.
You just never know when a rusty coil of wire will be useful.
I can see why the tree fell over.
It was hollowed out and rotted.
I gathered some of the white bark.
I wasn’t in any hurry so I scampered around the tree.
I had enough fun.
Time to go home.
These are the two pieces of glass I saved.


I brought my gifts from yesterday back to my home.
Going into my office I pulled out a chair and sat down.
Unfolding the letter from the Country Hitty’s I began again to read it.
No interruptions this time.
Reading the letter I found the clock was sent so I wouldn’t over sleep when the time changes.
I hurried upstairs and placed the clock beside my bed.
It looks so good there.
The letter said the little rocking horse would be good as part of my
Christmas decorations.
I will place it beside the fireplace for now.
At a later time I may move it to my attic with the other decorations.
The little horse adds a bit of color to my living room.
Thank you again for my wonderful gifts.

Box of curly twigs and a surprise

What is inside this box ?
Whoa ! A box of curly twigs.
I bet my person uses them for more furniture for me.
These are wonderful!
An envelope ! It has my name on it.
What’s in here?
A little rocking horse !
A letter for me from the Country Hittys !
Something inside the little case !
A tiny clock!
I love it!
I sat down to read my letter.
I was interrupted just as I was starting to read.
I will pack up my clock, horse and letter and take them to my home to enjoy.
I will show you tomorrow what I did with my new gifts.
Thank you so much for thinking of me Country Hitty’s.

National Bow Tie Day

My person forgot it was National Bow Tie Day.
I hurried to the cupboard and picked a fabric.
I need to make sure this one will work.
Looks fine to me.
My person quickly stitched a bow tie for me.
Rather big but I’m ready for the day.

Thrift Store Surprises

The other day I was treated to a trip to the Thrift Store.
Found this window that is going into my new home.
I’m so happy I’ll have a window.
Found these posts with seagulls and a pelican.
This will work good with a beach scene.
I found this tree.
With a little help from my person it’s going to look wonderful.
The best thing I found were two of these letter A’s.
It’s my favorite letter in the alphabet and I’m always looking for them.
It’s a perfect accessory for my car bag.
Looks good!

Sippo Lake Library Flowers

I went to Sippo Lake Library yesterday.
My person didn’t bring her camera .
The cell phone had to do for picture taking.
We aren’t really happy with the pictures it takes.
Look at all the beautiful flowers they have growing around the entrance.
Beautiful Black Eyed Susans.
We missed the best time for the Hydrangea’s.
There are lots of walking trails you can go on.
If you look careful between the trees you can see Sippo Lake.
Next time I go I will make sure my person takes her camera.
You can Google Sippo Lake Stark Park and see more beautiful images of the area.

A return to Tuscora Park

Returning to the park today I found a dried out rolled up oak leaf.
I know where the oak leaves fall acorns should be around.
It may be to early for acorns but I’m checking anyway.
Haven’t found an acorn yet.
Did find this growing at the base of a few trees.
I found a piece I could take home.
Picking it up I found some acorns.
I wonder if my person can use this stick for something.
I found another tree stump and a good shaped stone for my collection.
Some dried up oak leaves .
Yes, some acorns too.
All in all it was a good day.
I had gathered a few more acorns along with some wood pieces.
In September when it’s time for acorns to drop from the trees
I’m going to go back to search again.
I have a plan for them.

A Day Out

It was time to head out and have some fun.
I plunked the pixie hat on my head.
Jumped up on the dashboard in the car and was ready to go.
That’s when my person reminded me.
I ride inside this bag now.
I climbed in peeking out to see where I’d end up.
We went to the local park.
Tuscora Park.
I’m standing on the post under the entrance sign .
In the park I spied this old tree stump.
I wanted to count all the rings to see how old it was.
I saw a real squirrel run by and forgot about the counting.
I saw it go down here.
I waited but he never came back out.
Moving on I saw this cement base.
I climbed up and looked down the hole.
Nothing at the bottom but gravel and some leaves.
Just before I left the park I climbed up the tree.
Had a look around saw cars in the parking lot.
My human picked me out of the tree.
We walked to the car .
I jumped back in my bag for the ride home.

ACorns Pixie Hat

I had remarked to Cheerful the Pixie, as to how much I admired her hat.
Today Cheerful arrived at my door with a Pixie hat in my size.
For me.
She helped me put it on.
Whispering in my ear she told me the hat might just be magical.
I’d have to wait.
When the time is right I’d know if it was .

Sweater completed. Buddies arrive.

Hi ! I’m Charlie.
Got up late this morning.
Just completed the sweater I started yesterday.
Fits perfectly.
One by one my Santa buddies came over to see my finished work .
Leon wants to know if he’ll be getting a sweater soon.
Henry arrived in the autumn gold sweater he had knit for him last week.
He liked the color blue of my sweater.
Sam to my right in the back is in need of a new sweater.
His last years sweater is looking a little ratty.
Finally Moses arrived. In the back to my left.
Wearing his sweater from last year.
We all agree this is the second best time of the year .
New sweater time.
Four more sweaters will be made for the rest of us soon.