Farmers Market

I have a new way to travel these days.
My person puts me in the case . It stays unzipped
until I arrive at my destination. Sometimes

I’m taken out and carried sometimes I sit in the case
and ride.
Today I didn’t know where I was going.
I had to peek and see.
The Farmers Market.
Farmers Market is open from June until October every Wednesday .
Yes, just as we got there a storm paid us a visit.
It’s raining so hard.
We stood under one of the roofs were some of the vendors had set up .
Watched the rain pouring down ,
people getting soaked and vendors getting flooded.
We waited until the downpour lightened up a bit.
While it was raining a little less we rushed out
to make a couple of purchases.
Once done we hurried to the car in our wet clothing
and headed home.
Maybe next market day we can look
around a bit if its not raining.

2 thoughts on “Farmers Market

  1. What a marvelous travel case! Water proof and safe. Glad you stayed dry during the downpour. We love Farmer’s markets…such great veggies.


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