Hospice Garage Sale

It’s time for the annual yearly Hospice Garage Sale.
I’m going. I even got a new sweater to wear for the occasion.
Hi from the sale.
I had to hide inside the bag in the sale buildings.
I could possibly have been snatched up by one of the many shoppers.
So many people were shopping for treasures.
My person found a fish wall hanging for my house.
A pot of gold was found for me also.
The best thing found for me was this potting shed house.
I have dreamed about one since I saw the article in Cottage Journal in the Spring.
Now I have one. I can live inside this house.
It has potting shed supplies in it now.
With help from my person we will move them out and me in.
The attachments on each side are drawers.
They can be removed to give me two more rooms.
I’m excited to make it my home.
This years Hospice Sale was good for me.