ACorn Builds Furniture

I thought I needed furniture that was built for a squirrel.
I set to work building some for my home.
I gathered twigs, moss, acorns and pine cone bits.
I built my table first.
A squirrel has to have a place to eat.
A bed was the next to be built.
I had to special build my bed so my tail would fit.
I’m working on a couple of chairs for my table.
Will show more furniture as I get it done.
It’s hard work doing all this sawing and hammering.

6 thoughts on “ACorn Builds Furniture

  1. What a busy guy ACorn has been!! And more to make? We here at the Country Hitty’s home are very impressed with his skills. In fact Horrid Hetty Hickory has asked if he travels for custom installations? she has several projects that could benefit from his talents. And of course she has a soft spot for squirrels!

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  2. Tell Hetty I thank her for having a soft spot for squirrels. At this time I don’t travel much. If I ever get Hetty’s way I will help her with her projects if she still needs me.


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