Reindeer Moss

I was hard at work putting reindeer moss on my furniture.
I wasn’t very far into the job when Rudolph dropped in.
He was very concerned with the idea I was using reindeer moss.
Rudolph thought the moss was made from ground up reindeer dyed green.
I took him over to the package.
No reindeer were used in the making of the reindeer moss.
I had to tell him it is a winter food for reindeer in the Arctic.
Rudolph was raised in one of Santa’s reindeer farms in Washington State.
He never had to dig through the snow and ice to find moss to eat.
I offered him a taste but he said no thank you.
I showed him how I’m using it.
Rudolph rested his head in the moss on the back of my couch.
He agreed it was soft cushy stuff that was perfect for squirrel furniture.