Cheerful a Pixie has arrived

Cheerful the little Pixie has arrived.
She arrived in her birthday suit with a hand mirror.
Today we had time to make her a dress so she could
come out and meet everyone.
Cheerful’s person wasn’t thinking.
She made the little Pixie wings.
She has since learned Pixies don’t have wings.
Cheerful being her cheerful self wore them anyway.
She stopped in to meet Acorn.
Cheerful was offered a bit of bread.
It was ACorn’s dinner time .
He didn’t want to be rude and eat in front of her.
She wanted to see Acorn’s new stove.
Like Goldilocks from the three bears story Cheerful tried out Acorns chair.
It was a little to small.
She was very interested in Acorns new desk.
She popped over to look at the quilt.
Then declared it was time for her to go.
They said their goodbyes.
She said she’d come back another day.

4 thoughts on “Cheerful a Pixie has arrived

  1. Cheerful is quite the little Pixie!! I love her frock and those wings!! I think she should have wings to use whenever she sees the need. I loved her interaction with ACorn! sweet!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you. I think I need wings with any dress my person makes. I had a taste of flying yesterday and I like it. Makes it so much easier to pick the flowers or berries from the very top of the bushes.


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