Red Truck

A friend heard I was moving.
When she came knocking at my door today she said , I bought you a truck.
The sad thing about my new truck.
I can’t fit behind the steering wheel.
Of all the critters Mamma Hen is the only one that can .
Meet my new chauffeur, Hennie
Hennie is more than happy to drive.
I climbed in the passenger seat.
We drove around and picked up the critters.
Took them for a ride.
Roo wanted to be our hood ornament.
I had to tell him that wasn’t going to work.
He was allowed to stand on the hood for a minute.
We dropped everyone off at their homes.
Phew climbed up on the running board to chat and say goodbye.

4 thoughts on “Red Truck

  1. OH my I love the new truck!! The pic of the truck filled with critters is too cute!! Happy that the Hen can be ACorn’s designated driver!! Hope the move goes smoothly!

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