Sweater completed. Buddies arrive.

Hi ! I’m Charlie.
Got up late this morning.
Just completed the sweater I started yesterday.
Fits perfectly.
One by one my Santa buddies came over to see my finished work .
Leon wants to know if he’ll be getting a sweater soon.
Henry arrived in the autumn gold sweater he had knit for him last week.
He liked the color blue of my sweater.
Sam to my right in the back is in need of a new sweater.
His last years sweater is looking a little ratty.
Finally Moses arrived. In the back to my left.
Wearing his sweater from last year.
We all agree this is the second best time of the year .
New sweater time.
Four more sweaters will be made for the rest of us soon.

2 thoughts on “Sweater completed. Buddies arrive.

  1. My Hittys are so jealous of your Santas!! Those sweaters!! And now they are getting new ones?? Santa, your human is the best! I hope you make sure she gets a LOT of presents at Christmas!!!

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