A Day Out

It was time to head out and have some fun.
I plunked the pixie hat on my head.
Jumped up on the dashboard in the car and was ready to go.
That’s when my person reminded me.
I ride inside this bag now.
I climbed in peeking out to see where I’d end up.
We went to the local park.
Tuscora Park.
I’m standing on the post under the entrance sign .
In the park I spied this old tree stump.
I wanted to count all the rings to see how old it was.
I saw a real squirrel run by and forgot about the counting.
I saw it go down here.
I waited but he never came back out.
Moving on I saw this cement base.
I climbed up and looked down the hole.
Nothing at the bottom but gravel and some leaves.
Just before I left the park I climbed up the tree.
Had a look around saw cars in the parking lot.
My human picked me out of the tree.
We walked to the car .
I jumped back in my bag for the ride home.