A return to Tuscora Park

Returning to the park today I found a dried out rolled up oak leaf.
I know where the oak leaves fall acorns should be around.
It may be to early for acorns but I’m checking anyway.
Haven’t found an acorn yet.
Did find this growing at the base of a few trees.
I found a piece I could take home.
Picking it up I found some acorns.
I wonder if my person can use this stick for something.
I found another tree stump and a good shaped stone for my collection.
Some dried up oak leaves .
Yes, some acorns too.
All in all it was a good day.
I had gathered a few more acorns along with some wood pieces.
In September when it’s time for acorns to drop from the trees
I’m going to go back to search again.
I have a plan for them.