Sippo Lake Library Flowers

I went to Sippo Lake Library yesterday.
My person didn’t bring her camera .
The cell phone had to do for picture taking.
We aren’t really happy with the pictures it takes.
Look at all the beautiful flowers they have growing around the entrance.
Beautiful Black Eyed Susans.
We missed the best time for the Hydrangea’s.
There are lots of walking trails you can go on.
If you look careful between the trees you can see Sippo Lake.
Next time I go I will make sure my person takes her camera.
You can Google Sippo Lake Stark Park and see more beautiful images of the area.

4 thoughts on “Sippo Lake Library Flowers

  1. I love the profusion of flowers Sippo Lake Library has – I didn’t see the purple cone flowers when I was there, I do love them, as well as all the other flowers. Hydrangeas are pretty even when past their prime – the dry papery quality makes interesting rustling sounds. i wish I had some in my yard, I’d cut them for a dry vase.

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  2. I love libraries but your library is really something special…what beautiful grounds,the flowers, a lake such a beautiful park setting. The photos are quite nice!!!

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    1. This is a beautiful library. My person used to go once a month to a knitting group at the library called Hooks and Needles. The children’s area has an aquarium arch you walk under to get to the kids section. It’s beautiful.


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