Thrift Store Surprises

The other day I was treated to a trip to the Thrift Store.
Found this window that is going into my new home.
I’m so happy I’ll have a window.
Found these posts with seagulls and a pelican.
This will work good with a beach scene.
I found this tree.
With a little help from my person it’s going to look wonderful.
The best thing I found were two of these letter A’s.
It’s my favorite letter in the alphabet and I’m always looking for them.
It’s a perfect accessory for my car bag.
Looks good!

2 thoughts on “Thrift Store Surprises

  1. seeing you in your carry bag makes me grin! YOu really struck it rich at the thrift store!!! Way to go…I am sure your Human will make all your finds wonderful.


  2. You have a good eye to find these wonderful props ACorn. I am looking forward to seeing how you and your person use them!


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