I brought my gifts from yesterday back to my home.
Going into my office I pulled out a chair and sat down.
Unfolding the letter from the Country Hitty’s I began again to read it.
No interruptions this time.
Reading the letter I found the clock was sent so I wouldn’t over sleep when the time changes.
I hurried upstairs and placed the clock beside my bed.
It looks so good there.
The letter said the little rocking horse would be good as part of my
Christmas decorations.
I will place it beside the fireplace for now.
At a later time I may move it to my attic with the other decorations.
The little horse adds a bit of color to my living room.
Thank you again for my wonderful gifts.

2 thoughts on “Gifts

  1. Your home is such a cozy place ACorn!! You have done a good job of decorating and your person has really created some wonderful furniture.. We are very impressed with that large mounted fish on your wall!!!

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  2. My home is so much more suited to me than my last home. I almost feel as if I’m living out in nature. It was very hard reeling that fish in when I caught him. Almost lost it once.


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