Birch Tree

I was out riding around with my person.
Still wearing my bow tie.
I can’t help it I like my bow tie.
We took a short cut that we usually don’t take and spotted this downed birch tree.
I went over and investigated.
Buried in the roots of the tree was all this glass.
I found a few very dirty pieces that I dug out and saved.
I found this old rusty wire coil.
I saved it and brought it home.
You just never know when a rusty coil of wire will be useful.
I can see why the tree fell over.
It was hollowed out and rotted.
I gathered some of the white bark.
I wasn’t in any hurry so I scampered around the tree.
I had enough fun.
Time to go home.
These are the two pieces of glass I saved.

2 thoughts on “Birch Tree

  1. how intriguing to find all that in the roots of the tree… I am sure you will find something creative to so with those bits!I The Country Hittys and I find your bow tie quite charming and we think your person should make you a wardrobe of them in all colors!! You look so dashing when wearing a bow tie!

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  2. My person made me bow ties a few years ago. The problem was she rearranged her sewing room. She can’t find them. I’ll tell her to just make new ones for every occasion.


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