Small knitting

My person said if I picked out some yarn she’d
do her best to knit me a Winter cape.
I picked out a very thin blue yarn.
It goes nice with my eye color.
She did tell me it might take some time to knit my cape since the yarn is so thin.
Well she has the hood knit already.
Maybe it won’t take her very long after all.

Pepper’s Friend

Pepper rode in ACorn’s seat as she went to the Post Office.
She was so excited.
A package had arrived. It was for her.
Her person helped her open it in the car
Inside the box was a new arrival.
A little friend for Pepper.
Pepper had brought along a dress for the new girl to wear.
It was rather large . The new girl is smaller than Pepper.
Since we were going to be out for the day she had to wear it.
I guess our person will have to get to work on something suitable for her.

Wilderness Center Wood Carving Show 2019

I went to a wood carving show.
A friend of my person carves these bark houses.
She let me pose by them.
If this was bigger I could live in it.
Some of Rachel Kaufman’s work.
My person forgot to take a picture of the front of this house.
It was pretty neat also.
She carves these tiny stars that I like every time I see them.
They had many more carvings.
My person didn’t want to take pictures without the carvers permission.

Pepper visits Teensey

Pepper dropped in to visit Teensey.
She felt as if she was a giant around the little ones.
The girls were just getting out of bed.
Anne is looking for her dress.
Little Becassine was getting the table prepared for breakfast.
Pepper saw everything was going well.
She took her leave.
She would return another day.

Completed little sweater

My sweater is finished.
I put it on and headed outside.
Found some flowers .
The color of the flowers match
my sweater sleeve.
Had to stand on this upside down pot
for a picture.
I found this pretty glass ball .

I took a quick peek at the last of the blooming petunias.
With the sun being higher in the sky my sweater was making me very warm .
I headed inside.
I see my person is working on knitting me a skirt.

Pippi is getting a sweater

I have had these little skeins of yarn for a couple of years now.
It was at the point of using them or losing them.
Each skein separates into three strands.
It’s time consuming to separate these.
I have been avoiding doing it.
Well Pippi has wanted a sweater for awhile now.
She hasn’t gotten one yet. Today I am working on one for her.
That means separating all the skeins.
This may look like a mess of tangled yarn. It isn’t.
Each little skein yields this much yarn.
The right amount to knit for Pippi.
This is what I have knit so far.
Will continue on to see how it comes out.
The last sweater I attempted for her was overly large.
It had to be pulled out. This is the second attempt at getting it right.

Furniture for Teensey

A package arrived in my person’s mail the other day from a friend.
Inside we unpacked this wonderful furniture.
They’re sweet pieces. Just a bit small for me.
I knew who would be a perfect fit. I headed off to get her.
Teensey I need you to come with me.
I have some things you’ll really like.
What do you think Teensey?
Aren’t these pieces jut the right fit for you.
Teensey loves the stove.
I showed her all the pieces then took my leave.
A short time later tiny Becassine and Raggedy Ann arrived.
They both like the new furniture as much as I do.
Now we have to get our own home to move into.
Becassine said she’d do all the cooking and cleaning for Ann and I.