National Chicken Boy’s Day

Oh ! I just remembered it’s National Chicken Boy’s Day.
I know I’m not a human boy but I am a boy squirrel.
I’m going to celebrate Chicken Boy’s birthday today.
I better hurry and get ready to celebrate the day.
Chicken boy wears a red shirt and a chicken mask.
I have a red shirt and a chicken hat to wear.
Got my red shirt on.
Got my chicken hat on.
Now you can see my hat better.
I’m supposed to carry a yellow bucket of chicken.
I don’t eat chicken .
I’ll just be a squirrel in disguise as a chicken today.
You can Google Chicken Boy to learn more about the day.
Have fun . I’m going to.

4 thoughts on “National Chicken Boy’s Day

  1. Hmm, well I looked it up and it seems this is “his” birthday!! what an odd story about this huge statue!! I like how you are celebrating his special day. Maybe your person will snack on some chicken in his honor.. By the way Marie Claire is very impressed with your hat.

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