Visiting the Mall

A first visit to the mall . I had so much to see.
Walking in the door I spotted these cars.
You sit inside the car and watch a screen.
It’s just like you’re the driver.
They had a helicopter.
Then a spots car.
If you have money you can put it in this machine for a prize.
I forgot to take my money.
Look at all those ducks inside.
My person said I didn’t need one.
I didn’t need a duck anyway. Look at all the candy machines.
My person said I was exhausting her with all the running here and there. We’d come back another day and see what else the mall held for me.

2 thoughts on “Visiting the Mall

  1. ACorn, looks like that Mall is an expensive outing!! I do hope you get to go back , there must be a lot of window shopping and that does not cost anything! (Just your person’s shoe leather!)

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