Knitting Small Sweaters

I finished knitting four small sweaters for this group.
They are all pleased with the new sweaters.
Sam the poor sweaterless guy is a little upset he didn’t get one.
Pippi wonders why she never gets anything knit for her.
I’m busy today working on a couple sweaters.
Sam seems to be fine with what will be his sweater soon.
Pippi’s sweater is in the works also.
Pippi is worried her’s might be a little large for her.
We’ll have to wait and see.

6 thoughts on “Knitting Small Sweaters

  1. Goodness what a flurry of activity. Love the colors for Santa’s new sweater and Pippi looks rather pleased with her new sweater to be. I bet it will be JUST the right size for her! Looking forward to seeing the finished creations.

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