Ice Cream and the Magic Spoon

Yes I’m off today on an adventure.
My person always puts me in my place of honor as if she’s hiding me.
This time I pushed up the lid so I can see where I’m heading.
Maybe she will always let me ride this way.
The destination for my adventure today was to Just Ice Cream.
OH! I can’t wait .
So many choice’s.
I chose a green magic spoon to eat my ice cream.
Pumpkin pecan as my ice cream flavor.
See how my magic green spoon is turning a deep blue?
How fun is that!
Pumpkin pecan ice cream….THE BEST!

2 thoughts on “Ice Cream and the Magic Spoon

  1. we have never heard of Pumpkin pecan ice cream!! And we have never seen a magic spoon!!! ACorn, you have the most wonderful adventures!!! and we love your carry case!!

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