Acorn search

I’m off in another city park looking for acorns
The problem is there are so many other fun things to check out.
This horse teeter totter for one.
It may be big and I may be little but it ‘s still pretty neat.
Here I am on the horses back.
Climbing all these steps to get to the big slide.
It’s a little bit scary.
I climbed up here to look around.
The acorns are just starting to drop and they’re green ones.
I need to be patient for a couple more weeks and come again .

6 thoughts on “Acorn search

  1. It’s a little bit early in the season to collect acorns – i like to go to a local park – very wooded, and collect some to save as winter food for the squirrels who live in my back yard. I hope to find a few small children to help me gather them – less bending over and reaching for me, and fun for them.

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  2. ACorn I am keeping an eye on the oak tree that has the HUGE acorns! They are still pretty green. I did send you a box of some really big acorn caps….maybe your person will make something fur for you. We like your sweater!

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  3. Thank you. My sweater is kind of warm. We are having days in the 90″s now. I know I’ll love my sweater when the cold weather arrives. I’m looking for those green acorns to get ripe at my house too.


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