Knitting randomly

A couple of the girls are getting new undies.
Pippi is the first recipient . She’s very happy about that.
Another girl gets some undies.
Shawls are in the making for the girls also.
The green is finished .
Working on the yellow shawl at this time.
I have been using my new abacus knitting bracelet.
It makes knitting just a bit more fun.

4 thoughts on “Knitting randomly

  1. Lucky girls! I am thinking the knitting bracelet is a way to count stitches? (remembering that I know practically NOTHING about knitting). I love the colors you are using!

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    1. My bracelet has 9 beads per strand. One strand counts 1-9 the other strand counts 10-90. This allows you to count up to 99 rows before starting over if your pattern has more than 99 rows to work. My bracelet has flexible purple stitch marker rings on it. Each time you work a row you push a bead through the ring on the strand. When you get to the tenth row you push a bead on the second strand through that ring. In the ones strand you start the count again at one showing you are now on row 11. Hope this makes sense. It is very understandable once you have a bracelet in hand. I have matching bead stitch markers. Pushing a button on a traditional row counter is faster. A bracelet makes your knitting a bit fun when you get to move a bead each time you do a row.


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