Pippi is getting a sweater

I have had these little skeins of yarn for a couple of years now.
It was at the point of using them or losing them.
Each skein separates into three strands.
It’s time consuming to separate these.
I have been avoiding doing it.
Well Pippi has wanted a sweater for awhile now.
She hasn’t gotten one yet. Today I am working on one for her.
That means separating all the skeins.
This may look like a mess of tangled yarn. It isn’t.
Each little skein yields this much yarn.
The right amount to knit for Pippi.
This is what I have knit so far.
Will continue on to see how it comes out.
The last sweater I attempted for her was overly large.
It had to be pulled out. This is the second attempt at getting it right.