Pippi is getting a sweater

I have had these little skeins of yarn for a couple of years now.
It was at the point of using them or losing them.
Each skein separates into three strands.
It’s time consuming to separate these.
I have been avoiding doing it.
Well Pippi has wanted a sweater for awhile now.
She hasn’t gotten one yet. Today I am working on one for her.
That means separating all the skeins.
This may look like a mess of tangled yarn. It isn’t.
Each little skein yields this much yarn.
The right amount to knit for Pippi.
This is what I have knit so far.
Will continue on to see how it comes out.
The last sweater I attempted for her was overly large.
It had to be pulled out. This is the second attempt at getting it right.

4 thoughts on “Pippi is getting a sweater

  1. Pippi’s sweater is looking good . I think the multi-colored design at the bottom is very interesting , but i expected to see a purple sweater ! What happened to that color?

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    1. The first sweater we had started knitting for Pippi was a light green. It just ended up being rather large for her. We didn’t have anyone in the donahey household it would fit. We ripped out the knitting and didn’t start again with that yarn.


  2. Thank you. Pippi is so excited about getting a sweater that will suit her motto. (make do with what you have) Her sweater will be using yarn we have on hand. We’ll have to see what that ends up being.


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