Pepper’s Friend

Pepper rode in ACorn’s seat as she went to the Post Office.
She was so excited.
A package had arrived. It was for her.
Her person helped her open it in the car
Inside the box was a new arrival.
A little friend for Pepper.
Pepper had brought along a dress for the new girl to wear.
It was rather large . The new girl is smaller than Pepper.
Since we were going to be out for the day she had to wear it.
I guess our person will have to get to work on something suitable for her.

4 thoughts on “Pepper’s Friend

  1. Pepper is such a lucky little doll….a ride in Acorn’s special chariot and a NEW FRIEND!!! How exciting. The person at your house is going to be very busy taking care of Pepper and her new best friend. Looking forward to all the adventures these two will have!

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