Little Yellow Shawl Finished

Sporting my newly completed shawl I ventured outside for a stroll.
I’m standing in front of the new growth on my persons September Clematis.
The clematis last month was cut all the way to the ground. It had grown on the deck railing for years.
My person said no matter how many times she cuts the quince it
continues to grow through the boards of the deck landing.
Posing on the steps for a picture.
The lamb’s ears are so soft to the touch.
These are the only growing things I could find in the yard that are blooming. Fall is coming.

Small Shawls

My green shawl is finished.
I need a better shawl pin.
This yellow shawl will be so much nicer with my dress.
Only four more rows to knit and I can wear it.
I can hardly wait.
My person wants to work on making a quilt for my bed after she finishes this shawl.

Knitting randomly

A couple of the girls are getting new undies.
Pippi is the first recipient . She’s very happy about that.
Another girl gets some undies.
Shawls are in the making for the girls also.
The green is finished .
Working on the yellow shawl at this time.
I have been using my new abacus knitting bracelet.
It makes knitting just a bit more fun.

Teensey and her new dresses

Teensey finally has more than one dress.
A friend gifted me with some tiny balls of sock yarn.
The balls held the right amount of yarn to knit for her.
Teensey is delighted with her new dresses .
I know the yarn is a bit bulky for someone as tiny as this girl.
She doesn’t mind a bit about the yarn.

Another dress for Teensey.
Tiny Becassine received a knit dress also.
In all Teensey has four new dresses added to her wardrobe.
Thanks to the friend for those little balls of just the right amount of yarn.

Acorn search

I’m off in another city park looking for acorns
The problem is there are so many other fun things to check out.
This horse teeter totter for one.
It may be big and I may be little but it ‘s still pretty neat.
Here I am on the horses back.
Climbing all these steps to get to the big slide.
It’s a little bit scary.
I climbed up here to look around.
The acorns are just starting to drop and they’re green ones.
I need to be patient for a couple more weeks and come again .

Blooming Wildflowers and Weeds

Riding down this road as a passenger .
I saw so many blooming wildflowers and weeds.
It was such a nice peaceful ride.
Such a pretty cheerful yellow.
Even the seed pods are pretty.
What beautiful clusters of white flowers.
Such dainty little flowers.
My person had to stop and get a closer look.
That is a blooming September Clematis.
How sweet the blooms are.
I couldn’t get out for a closer look.
All the blooming plants were so tall .
I couldn’t have gotten in the picture unless someone held me up.
I enjoyed looking out the car window at all of them anyway.
Being a squirrel I like all things in nature.

Ice Cream and the Magic Spoon

Yes I’m off today on an adventure.
My person always puts me in my place of honor as if she’s hiding me.
This time I pushed up the lid so I can see where I’m heading.
Maybe she will always let me ride this way.
The destination for my adventure today was to Just Ice Cream.
OH! I can’t wait .
So many choice’s.
I chose a green magic spoon to eat my ice cream.
Pumpkin pecan as my ice cream flavor.
See how my magic green spoon is turning a deep blue?
How fun is that!
Pumpkin pecan ice cream….THE BEST!

Knitting Small Sweaters

I finished knitting four small sweaters for this group.
They are all pleased with the new sweaters.
Sam the poor sweaterless guy is a little upset he didn’t get one.
Pippi wonders why she never gets anything knit for her.
I’m busy today working on a couple sweaters.
Sam seems to be fine with what will be his sweater soon.
Pippi’s sweater is in the works also.
Pippi is worried her’s might be a little large for her.
We’ll have to wait and see.

Fiestaware Factory…Homer Laughlin Outlet Store

I’m off to Newell West Virginia to the Fiestaware Factory.
A few peeks at the Ohio River as we get closer.
We are high up on the road looking down.
It’s kind of scary.
We have arrived at East Liverpool.
This bridge is high over the Ohio River.
We have to cross here to arrive in Newell West Virginia.
A peek at the river as we cross the bridge.
We have arrived at the factory.
Phew went with me. He waited in the car as I went in.
All the pretty Fall colors.
I brought my camera along for picture taking.
Love the pretty bright happy colors.
As we left the factory we passed the Fiestaware boneyard.
This where all rejected Fiestaware ends up.