Hannah Hickory and ACorn

It was time for Hannah Hickory to decorate for the Fall season.
I went over to see if she needed any help.
She was happy to have me over as she filled her window box with apples.
She needed me more to talk with than to actually help with the decorating.
We did have a good visit.
Just before I left she told me to hop up on the big pumpkin for a picture.
I hope to visit her more often.

Autumn Colors

I stepped outside this morning to enjoy the beautiful Autumn colors.
All the golds and greens stood out so vivid in the sun.
The sun was so bright it was hard to capture the colors just right.
The birds are singing. Squirrels are scampering across the yard searching for food. No signs of deer yet.
Amazing morning!
It was so nice out I decided to have my breakfast on the deck.
What could be better than breakfast and tea on such a wonderful morning in the sunshine.

Purple Haired Little Witch

I want to be a witch for Halloween.
My person knit me some tiny socks.
Then my dress was knit with matching undies
I had to have her knit me a hat, a cape and a treat bag.
The outfit wouldn’t be complete without purple hair.
ACorn came out to see how I looked.
He liked the purple hair the best.
When I went inside and took off my hat look at my hair.
I think it makes me look even more like a witch

Jack O Lantern at Night

We bought a candle, placed it in the pumpkin and lite it.
His crooked grin is funny.
I walked closer for a good look at his face.
I then blew out the candle.
I was going in the house to get warm.
Started to walk away.
When suddenly a witch popped up in front of me.
She wasn’t scary she was a friendly witch.
She insisted on seeing the pumpkin lite.
Together we walked back over to light it.
The witch said once a pumpkin is carved it becomes a Jack O Lantern.
She said this Jack O Lantern is perfect for Halloween.

Pumpkin Carving

I went with my person as she carved a pumpkin.
The top is cut off and the inside is removed.
I think I should stay up here on top.
The inside is kind of slimy.
Look at all those seeds.
I could eat for a year if I take them home.
I’m not going to take them.
To slimy for me.
My person said she is carving an easy pumpkin this year.
This one looks pretty easy.
Ta da !
The pumpkin is carved.
Looks good to me.
My person said we will light it tomorrow.
We need to get a candle.
We will show you what it looks like at night but not right now.

Sightseeing Outing

Today I was up early with my people.
We headed out as the sun was rising.
It’s very foggy.
Pretty neat looking !
Maybe a little scary !
We drove through many areas with old towns.
This town had most of its downtown area still in business.
Nice buildings!
I sat on the biggest rocking chair I have ever seen.
It’s big isn’t it?
I climbed up on this fence.
Behind me was a huge cow.
After my day of sightseeing I headed home and took a nap.

Knitting for a small BJD

I’m Lily and new to the Donahey Family. I am about 6 inches tall.
This is Cupid one of Santa’s reindeer’s.
My person has been knitting for me.
I’m wearing my new knit dress.

Cupid said he likes my dress.

I will soon have a pair of tiny knit socks.

The Hitty’s came over to see the new sock.
Only one is finished at this time.
My person was having a hard time with knitting the second tiny sock.
Cupid wishes he had new socks himself.