Family Reunion

I have been gone for a while but I’m back .
My person took me to her family reunion today.
They were playing bingo and using candy to mark the numbers.
If I had played I would have eaten all the candy.
I guess that’s why my person didn’t let me play.
Corn hole was played outside.
The corn bags made nice cushions for me to sit on.
A classic car was parted at the reunion by a family member. An old Mustang.
Anyone was allowed to have a photo taken standing by it.
Since I’m so small I had photos taken sitting on it.
It looked nice inside.
When I was getting ready to go home I saw this sign.
I’m glad I’m a squirrel .

2 thoughts on “Family Reunion

  1. what a fun day you must have had with your person. Lucky those beagles were not hunting squirrels! of course your person would keep you safe! You looked very dashing with that classic car. And I like your sweater.

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