Knitting for a small BJD

I’m Lily and new to the Donahey Family. I am about 6 inches tall.
This is Cupid one of Santa’s reindeer’s.
My person has been knitting for me.
I’m wearing my new knit dress.

Cupid said he likes my dress.

I will soon have a pair of tiny knit socks.

The Hitty’s came over to see the new sock.
Only one is finished at this time.
My person was having a hard time with knitting the second tiny sock.
Cupid wishes he had new socks himself.

6 thoughts on “Knitting for a small BJD

  1. My person made a mistake on the second sock. She had to sit and rip it out stitch by stitch. She did say many times that it might be best to tear it all out and start from the beginning. I know she didn’t start over. The second sock just needs the ribbing knit and I’ll have a pair.


  2. ohhh little Lily is adorable…those big eyes. I am so glad she is getting warm socks and clothing. Wee dolls do need warm clothing for winter! I bet the Hittys love little Lily!

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