Lily in her elf outfit

Lily in her elf outfit.
Lily also has a vest to go with her dress.
In Lily’s world when an elf goes out to play reindeer show up.
Rudolph is peeking out from behind the tree to see what’s going on.
You can bet when you see one deer their will be more.
A second deer coming out.
Now their are four of them.
Lily was a little startled when she saw them standing behind her.
When she realized it was Rudolph, Dasher, Dancer, and Prancer everything was fine.
She told them she would soon be decorating the tree . They all said they would help if she needed them.

Day after Thanksgiving

It’s the day after Thanksgiving.
It’s called black Friday and most humans are off shopping sales.
Not my human or me.
I’m looking at books with one of my bears.
This is an interesting book on plants.
I looked through a stack of books with bear.
Then I saw something crawling towards me.
I didn’t know what it was.
I hopped up on books to get away from it.
It’s a little cute turtle.
He’s so friendly.
I put the turtle up on the books to look at it closer.
I just found out it’s ACorn’s turtle.
I will have to take it to ACorn he may be worried.

Amelia and her new clothes

Amelia is on her way to see her new dresses.
The ride on the pig is rather slow.
Amelia slips and slides on piggy’s back.
Shes fearful of falling off.
Finally Amelia arrives.
Checking out her newly knit dress.
She seems pleased .
She looks at the yellow dress.
Then wonders why she has two dresses the same color.
Amelia is very thrilled to see piggy is getting
a new riding blanket knit for him.
Now when she’s on piggy’s back he can go faster and she won’t fall off.

Amelia Thimble

Hello I’m Amelia Thimble. I’m 4 inches tall.
I have many joints in my body so I can be posed.
I just moved in on Donahey with my pig.
Piggy and I do most things together.
I haven’t come up with a good name for him yet.
For now I call him Piggy .
Piggy had to be fed . It was a long trip.
I sat to rest while Piggy ate.
As soon as I slid off my chair Piggy took it.
Piggy knows people sit in chairs not pigs.
I can’t get him to come down.
I hope I don’t have to lift him . He’s heavier than me.

Christmas is coming

It is time to see some decorated trees.
The first thing I saw when I walked in the room .
Jolly Old St Nick.
Can you see me in his hand?
I fit in the palm of his hand so well.
A tree of rats drew my attention.
I sat on this guys foot .
The view from here was much different than walking around looking at trees.
I spotted this dessert tree.
My person liked this one.
It had dessert ornaments my size on it.
Baker Nick with a tray full of goodies.
When I got home a surprise was waiting for me.
I think this cookie could last me for weeks.
Maybe a year. Maybe forever.

Seasoned Senior Fellowship

I know that I’m not a senior.
I did go to a Seasoned Senior luncheon with my person yesterday.
The theme was what are you thankful for.
First I was thankful my person took me.
I met a few people at our table that were excited to meet me.
I walked around and looked at the centerpieces.
I did feel thankful and blessed to have such a good home.
The turkey was a candle holder.
I felt a little sad when turkey and dressing were served for lunch.
Made me think of the turkeys that will be on dinner tables next week.
It was a fun day. We saw a slide show of a members trip to China.
The best part at the end was a candy bar for all of us.

Knitting and crocheting for a tiny bjd……Lily

Lily is not quite 6 inches. Sometimes making clothing for her can be a challenge
These little crochet patterns were purchased from:
Lily is so happy to have a bear outfit.
It makes her happy wearing it while she is carrying her Teddy Bear.
Lily had to have an owl hat with matching dress.
Lily in her mouse outfit.
A ladybug dress. She will be getting a matching hat later.
Poor Lily is so exhausted after trying on her dresses.
She needed to sit in her comfy rocker and hug her teddy.
These outfits are all crocheted. Lily did get a few more dresses knit for her this past week.
A little knit dress and sweater are in the finishing process.
Lily will get a matching hat for this outfit.