Hitty Tasha

Hello I’m Tasha.
I was named after Tasha Tudor
In the morning when I get up I do my exercises.
First I use a chair to support me until I warm up with leg lifts.
Then onto the floor I go for the rest of my exercise routine.
I then get dressed, eat breakfast and start on my daily tasks.

5 thoughts on “Hitty Tasha

  1. Hitty Tasha is very industrious , and supple. If I got on the floor first thing in the morning, I’d still be there in the middle of the afternoon! I love her knit Union suit – nice and comfy and cozy!


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    1. Tasha said her union suit is the best to wear when exercising. It also works well in the cold weather. She did say that sometimes she needs to use her chair to help her up off the floor.


  2. Tasha is really very inspirational. I was especially intrigued that she could lower herself to the floor and regain her feet!!! I am impressed, like Janet mentioned above.. getting down could be accomplished (in fact I did just that a few weeks ago on our slippery side walk) it is the getting up that would be (and was) the challenge. Love her outfit and her name!!

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