Winter Season Birdseed

I needed a hearty breakfast today.
I was going to be working hard.
What could be better than Kodiak flapjacks.
The box was right.
Whole grains do taste better.
After my hearty breakfast I headed off with my people.
We had to go pick up our order of birdseed.
We hope we ordered enough to last the Winter.
Fifteen 25 pound bags of seeds.
Seeds for birds and I’m sure some of my outdoor relatives.
The stack is growing.
The last bag has been loaded.

We then added two boxes of suet.
Now that we are back home who is going to unload this?????
I’m so tired I can’t do it right now.
Maybe it can be unpacked later.

4 thoughts on “Winter Season Birdseed

    1. Acorn and his relatives do eat a bit of the Winter seed supply. Rudolph did gather his deer friends to help unload the seeds. They get fed corn all Winter so were very happy to help with the seed for the birds.

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  1. ACorn, so good to see you again. That is a lot of seed! Here at the farm we have stocked up on sunflower seeds…we had to take it out of the bags and pour it into sealed buckets…those dratted mice!! We keep it out in the barn. The birds are going to be hungry this week with all the cold weather. You look pretty great in your warm sweater and hat.

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