My Winter food supply

I stood out on the deck today.
Looking at the trees that are almost bare of leaves.

I started to worry about not having enough food
for myself for Winter.
I scurried across the yard to the tree that still had a few leaves.
Sure enough I found some berries on it.
I stuffed my cheeks and hurried home to stash them.
I found more acorns that I carried home.
The acorns were so big I could only stuff one at a time in my cheeks.
Took many trips across the yard to get these guys home.
I brought the acorn caps home to make some dishes for my kitchen.
After all that running around It felt wonderful to relax in a branch.

One thought on “My Winter food supply

  1. so industrious!! And it looks like your person has been industrious…a lovely sweater you are wearing. I am
    glad to hear you now have a good supply of nuts and berries for the winter. And sad to say winter is already HERE!!! you were just in time.


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