Knitting and crocheting for a tiny bjd……Lily

Lily is not quite 6 inches. Sometimes making clothing for her can be a challenge
These little crochet patterns were purchased from:
Lily is so happy to have a bear outfit.
It makes her happy wearing it while she is carrying her Teddy Bear.
Lily had to have an owl hat with matching dress.
Lily in her mouse outfit.
A ladybug dress. She will be getting a matching hat later.
Poor Lily is so exhausted after trying on her dresses.
She needed to sit in her comfy rocker and hug her teddy.
These outfits are all crocheted. Lily did get a few more dresses knit for her this past week.
A little knit dress and sweater are in the finishing process.
Lily will get a matching hat for this outfit.

8 thoughts on “Knitting and crocheting for a tiny bjd……Lily

  1. Goodness the little pointy finger girls who live here are quite enthralled (and a tad envious) of Lily with her marvelous hats and lovely frocks!! She is sooo cute and you are such an artist with hook and needle!! Love her sitting in that oh so cute stuffed chair with her teddy. I think the mouse hat and dress might be my fave…and I do not even like mice but that outfit…..soooooooooooooooooooo cute!

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